Orange Hut Solutions Ltd

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SAP is the core technology which OHSL focuses on. Dedicated expertise in SAP development allows OHSL to provide the best services to its customers.

OHSL specializes in the custom development and support of SAP. OHSL's innovative and thoughtfully designed solutions can help in:

  • Developing new and comprehensive business reports that can drive the management information system
  • Connecting the existing non-SAP systems with SAP and enabling data exchange between them
  • Allowing the customers to exchange data electronically with their vendors, banks and other partners
  • Customizing the paper work generated from SAP to create an impact on customers and receivers
  • System modifications in SAP's standard processes for smooth integration with specific requirements of the customer's business process
  • Developing new solutions for non-standard processes driven by external factors
  • Implementing approval processes, required for various tasks, within organization hierarchy
  • Developing solutions for hand held devices to be used in warehouses, plants, etc.
  • Web enabling the process to reach out to vast number of users

OHSL leverages the potential of SAP's tools and technologies to achieve all of the above and a lot more.