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SAP is the core technology which OHSL focuses on. Dedicated expertise in SAP development allows OHSL to provide the best services to its customers. Our range of SAP technical services are designed to suit all business requirements and provide the best returns on investments.

Whether in need of a quick solution for fixing your SAP programs or a reliable solution design to align your business processes with SAP, OHSL can be your one stop shop for all SAP development needs. With the rich experience of highly skilled consultants from OHSL, you can rest assured that you will get the best and the most out of your SAP system.

OHSL can not only help you develop new solutions and achieve your desired results but can also assist in maintaining and supporting your SAP implementation. OHSL provides SAP development services for all domains, modules and versions of SAP. In addition to this, OHSL can also help your SAP system to talk to other external systems and the internet, using the SAP Exchange Infrastructure and Process Integration technologies.

The speed and techniques used, by Orange Hut, in implementing solutions ensure that the customers get the best returns on investments. With the consultants experienced in major implementations for multinational companies like Total, Unilever, Schlumberger, Philips, Shell, etc. the solutions are guaranteed to remain cost effective without compromising on quality.

Various support and skill packages offered by OHSL give the customers a choice to decide what level of support is best suited to the business needs. OHSL also provides a unique facility to submit highly critical problems and system details online. Once the access is granted, the issues are immediately addressed using remote connections saving the time to get a consultant at the site and explain the issue.

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